No commercial prospecting base rental, no database purchase; because its included!

Simple CRM is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that will find customers for your sales people and provide them with a list of potential leads for free.

How does it work ?

Happi, Simple CRM's artificial intelligence, has created a "Big Data" type database, containing more than 28,000,000 company records. Outside this database you will be provided daily between 4 and 6 potential customers.

Not bad, right?

Of course, in order for HaPPi to work for you, you will first need to have a workable database at your disposal. It is on the basis of the information contained in your CRM software that HaPPi will establish the customer profile that best suits you.

To do this, here's a few tips:

Free trial

By following these few tips, you will be sure to have at your disposal a database full of information that can be used by HaPPi, and thus obtain potential customers adapted to your business without effort. Finally, it should be noted that HaPPi is directly integrated with Simple CRM at no additional cost.