Screen shot online Sales management software - Simple CRM

How to manage your sales process into Simple CRM ?

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• Manage all steps: from the very first contacts to the effective sales
• Link to all documents: bids, contracts, invoices, etc.
• Time management: meetings, online demonstrations, phone calls, etc.
• Synchronize your sales tasks with your mobile devices
• Analyze your sales performances: automatic and customs reports, charts, etc.
• Discover your return on investment: sales – time used on prospecting = benefits

                Discover some added values of Simple CRM

• Upload a signed contract directly with your network document scanner
• Create a sales prospecting list based on several criteria
• Check the validity of the CIK
• Check the validity of the VAT (European system)
• Synchronize your customers contact information’s with your mobile phone
• Etc.

                Why do you need Simple CRM as an online sales management software?

Your sales force team is one of the most important components of your company.

Your sales process can be divided into several steps:
• Identification of potential new customers
• Contact
• Introductions of products and services
• Offers
• Negotiations
• Follow up
• Customers support
• Marketing (newsletters)
• Return on investment

Based on the incredible simplicity and efficiency of Simple CRM, you can manage all those steps, without difficult training and configuration. Simple CRM is the first cloud CRM; “plug and work”. You log in and you work; you don’t loose time anymore and you focus all your energy on your daily sales process.

No doubt: Simple CRM is the best online sales management software: try it for free during 30 days.