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Automatic customer detection

Thanks to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Simple CRM finds customers for you.


Automate all your time-consuming tasks.

Online collaborative work

Use Simple CRM anywhere and anytime.


Simple CRM also manages your newsletters.


CRM components

Icone de Connaissance du client

Knowledge of the client

  • Their preferences
  • Their needs
  • Their interests
  • Its history
  • Total traceability of relationships
Icone de stratégie et management

Strategy & Management

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consolidation of figures
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Mining technology
  • Custom analytical tools
Icone de communication unifiée

Unified Communication

  • Email template
  • Customer support scenario
  • Common communication channel
  • Simplified information sharing
  • Internal chat
Icone de gestion du temps

Time management

  • Task Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Shared agenda
  • Work in schedule mode
  • Gantt chart management

Icone de rapports et suivis

Reporting & Monitoring

  • Report Library
  • Report customization
  • Analytical Graph
  • Financial Projection
  • 360° view of the company

Icone de Big Data Mining

Big Data Mining

  • Use of geographical information
  • Exploitation of relational history
  • Exploitation of custom fields
  • Multi-criteria query tools
  • 100% graphical interface requests

Pricing as simple as our CRM software


US $15

per month [billed annually]

  • Access to all Simple CRM features
Free trial

1 user SIMPE ERP

US $5

per month [billed annually]


  • SIMPLE ERP is an option allowing the creation of estimates, purchase orders, invoices, as well as inventory management.

Free trial

Simple Mass Mailing

US $8

per campaign


  • Enjoy our powerfull mass mailing tool.

    Broadcast your message all over the world.

    + 1.1 ¢/recipient

Web synchro

US $150

per year


  • Connect your website (Joomla, Wordpress, HTML, PHP, etc.) and allow your contact form to create Companies, Contacts et Sales Opportunities directly into Simple CRM.

    + $475 of setup

The displayed prices of the CRM software, are prices before tax.

We created something beautiful, original and amazing: the CRM software you deserve.

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  • CRM software screen shot
  • CRM software screen shot
  • CRM software screen shot
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Does Simple CRM display reminders for my appointments?

Simple CRM presents the Simple CRM desktop as soon as you connect to the interface. This Office presents (among other things) the day's interactions (tasks and appointments). You therefore have a clear and precise visual of your appointment reminders.

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Is Simple CRM compatible with Android or my iPhone / IPad?

Simple CRM is an online CRM software. You just need a web browser to use it. It is therefore compatible with all your devices. In addition, a mobile application allows you to work offline on phones and tablets.

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Can I manage multiple brands/enterprises with a single Simple CRM?

It is possible to manage several companies through a single Simple CRM instance, including the optional Simple ERP module that allows you to create quotes, purchase orders and invoices.

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How does "HaPPi" customer detection work?

HaPPi transmits between 4 and 6 potential customers to your sales representatives every day. To do this, it searches for customers in a "Big Data" database that it has created (+/- 30,000,000 company records) on the basis of an "ideal" profile that it has defined for you.

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Can Simple CRM dial phone calls automatically?

Simple CRM is equipped with a telephone dialing function, dedicated to fixed telephony systems, which also allows the automatic opening of the customer's file, when the customer calls you.

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Can I create fields to qualify my contacts?

Simple CRM allows the creation of custom fields, called "INTEREST CENTRES". These custom fields allow you to adapt the software to your business. You can then make queries based on these fields.

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